Mr. Suresh Mansharamani  (Founder & CEO)

Mr. Suresh is the founder of PerfumeCrush. Having started his first company at the young age of 21 and a very successful IPO which was oversubscribed 250 times in 1995 and a Certificate Of merit from Govt Of India, Mr. Suresh has always given priority to the quality of service and transparency in dealings. Before starting with PerfumeCrush, Mr. Suresh had already ventured in the garment, financial services and e-commerce industries. It's this immense experience that makes him lead the firm from the forefront and deliver value to the customers with utmost credibility. Under his vision and leadership, PefumeCrush has come to be identified as a leading perfume retailer in the digital sphere, and is making progress by leaps and bounds. Mr. Suresh is a self-proclaimed 'serial-entrepreneur' and loves investing in new ventures.

Mr.Tarun Mansharamani  (Chief Operating Officer)

At 24 years of age when most young people are in the nascent stages of their careers, Tarun Mansharamani has been able to defy set norms and give a new dimension to the firm. Having completed his MBA from IIPM University, New Delhi, he puts his knowledge and expertise in managing the firm activities in a very coordinated manner. While a COO's directive remains the daily operations of the firm, Mr. Tarun has been able to provide much more with his in-depth knowledge of perfumes and perfumery. Since the start of his tenure, Mr. Tarun Mansharamani has succeeded in instilling the practice of maximum output from resources in the day-to-day operations.

Mr.Rahul Mansharamani (Chief Marketing Officer)

With acute understanding of the growing importance of Social and Digital Media in reaching out to customers and creating a brand, Mr. Rahul Mansharamani has changed the way young entrepreneurs look these media. Mr. Rahul has a Master's in Business Administration from American University, Dubai. 

He is the brains behind the social media image and all the marketing activities of PerfumeCrush. Taking cue from the growing role of Social and Digital Media in creating a Brand image, Mr. Rahul has been able to devise marketing strategies that makes PerfumeCrush a reliable brand name. At 27 years of age, the CFO has many years to work his magic.

Mr. Pradeep (Chief Finance Officer)

Mr. Pradeep has been the backbone of the firm for the past 25 years. Every team needs a stable and reliable hand in matters of finance, and Mr. Pradeep has been portraying that role very steadily for a long time. All matters pertaining to financial transactions are Mr. Pradeep''s prerogative. With his wealth of experience in financial matters, Mr. Pradeep is a leading and important part of the team.