How to identify Fake Perfumes:

A fragrance defines your choice and helps you stay fresh and aromatic all day throughout. There’s a perfume for every occasion and for every mood. But you can spoil either with a little carelessness in identifying fake vs. original perfume brands. Though modern techniques make it possible to reproduce original almost perfectly, still we have few tricks in hand to keep you away from counterfeited perfume products sold world-wide every year.

-Specialized Store

oAlways buy perfumes from a specialized store or departmental stores. Perfumes being sold on streets cannot be trusted with their origin. Don’t risk your health in lieu of saving few bucks.

-Outer Packaging

oCheck the cellophane wrap and the box closely. Cellophane should be unwrinkled and tightly wrapped around the box with glue applied evenly and adequately. The box too should be thick enough and made of high quality material, colored uniformly and with even edges.

-The Label

oVerify if the things written on the box are correct and complete. See the origin country and check for printing errors, logos and spots. The barcodes should be placed at the bottom of the perfume box and should coincide with the one from the bottle.


oMisspellings on bottles clearly point out that the bottle in your hand is a fake one.

-Bottle Design

oEvery brand has a unique bottle design which is not easy to replicate. Try verifying the bottle’s shape, design, thickness, clarity and the quality of the paint. Make sure the cap has no uneven edges; verify its size, color, shape and that it’s made of quality material and not plastic. Also examine the sprayer and the tube going into the bottle.

Now it’s time to check the Perfume Fragrance

This is where you can catch the seller red handed if you have been using perfumes for a while. If any of the tests below result in confirming your doubt of the perfume being fake, return it to your retailer and explain the things you experienced. Ask for an original replacement of the brand or to return you money.

-The scent of original perfumes is even. If it smells pungent with unusual fragrances and if you are well-versed with original smell, you will find it easier to compare.

-If you test its liquidity, you will find that fake perfumes feel oily on the skin. You can also choose to test it on a window.

-Watch for darker spots, transparency and color uniformity because original ones stand clear on above grounds.

-Genuine fragrance are always comprised of three layers – top notes, middle notes and base notes. The fake perfumes with single layer of notes fade quickly after you apply.

-Skin reactions on applying the fake perfumes like itching, rashes or skin irritations are another way of identifying fake ones.