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Founded in 1965 by Luciano Benetton, the Benetton fashion line was introduced in Italy. Benetton sold his younger brother’s bicycle to purchase a second-hand sewing machine and produced a small collection of vibrant sweaters. The line received an overwhelming response in their home region of Veneto, Northern Italy, and a year later the first Benetton store came into the existence in Belluno. By the year 2000, the Benetton brand was selling more than 100 million items across the globe. In conjunction with Selective Beauty, Perfumes for adults and kids are also marketed by Benetton.  The company's first fragrances, Colors de Benetton perfumes for men and women, were introduced in 1987. 

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 Browse through PerfumeCrush to get a hold onto to an impeccable range of fragrances by United Colors of Benetton, a reputed brand which is known for defining character and persona of both men and women in a viably fashionable manner. The Benetton perfume for men & women symbolizes an impeccable Italian character, whose passion and style show great excellence. 

While the Benetton perfumes for men include fragrances with woody, floral and exotic notes, the woman's collection has woody, fruity and oriental fragrances. Buy Benetton perfumes for men & women online and walk around brimming & make heads turn towards you. Don't miss a chance to grab some amazing discount and offers at lowest prices!


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