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Thomas Jacob Hilfiger is the mastermind behind the Tommy Hilfiger clothing and fragrance line. Born and raised in New York, Tommy Hilfiger started his journey in the fashion sector as a retailer. He opened his first boutique, 'The People's Place' in his hometown, for which he designed and launched clothing under the name Jacob Alan. In the year 1984, he founded the Tommy Hilfiger corporation and unveiled his first line of menswear. After partnering with musician Beyoncé Knowles, True Star and True Star Gold fragrances were launched in the market. 

Hilfiger's fragrances are launched in conjunction with Estee Lauder. The first scent, Tommy for Men, came in the market in 1995. Responded to the great response and high demand, its female companion, Tommy Girl was there in market in 1996.  Fragrances continue to be an imperative part of the Tommy Hilfiger brand. 

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